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pen name: Honest Critic
since: 10-07-09

I am a naturally talented editor and proofreader with more than a year of experience with story-writing. I know how to avoid all pitfalls and cliches, so if anyone ever needs advice, you are welcome to email me. My stories aim to show how excellent an institution the PPC truly is, and perhaps improve the overall quality of writing on Fanfic Land (which, by the way, should always be spelled as two words, no matter what the site logo seems to imply).

A few tips for all writers:
- Check your spelling and grammar. There is NO EXCUSE for not doing this! If you are incapable, either don't write or ask for help. I am more than willing to provide assistance, free of charge.

- NEVER insert author's notes into your text. This is messy and distracting and always unecessary. If your story doesn't tell us what we need to know, it's a bad story.

- Respect all reviewers. If you are told you need to take the story down and completely re-write it, do so. They know what they're talking about.

  1. The Respectful Tale of Canon Correction reviews
    Two agents, Honesty Jones and Charity Whipple, discuss their recent experiences in the PPC Cafeteria, and launch a brilliant plan to restore the agency to its original, pure form.
    Category: PPC - Fiction Rated: G - English - General - Chapters: 1 - Words: 604 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 10-07-09 - Published: 10-07-09
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